The Unphotogenic Photographer

I have a confession. I HATE being in front of the camera.

Paperbag blog post - Leigh Farmer Photography.png

Just the thought of facing down the lens and I break into a cold sweat. I am the queen of the weird facial expression, the surprised eyebrows, the blink.

In some ways, taking up photography professionally was the ultimate defence mechanism. At every family event, I have a legitimate reason to hide.

But there’s a silver lining to my photogenic failings. It makes me a better photographer.

I get that there is a list longer than your arm of things you’d rather do than have your picture taken…Trip to the dentist anyone?

During a personal branding shoot, I get it when… you don’t know where the heck to put your hands, you start with one facial expression and panic-change at the last second, the relaxed smile you’ve been practising for days suddenly goes rictus.

In business, there are some bitter pills to swallow. And if you want to stay on top of your personal brand (trust me you do) then having professional photos is one of them.

So, when click comes to shutter, find a photographer who is going to sympathise. Someone who is going to give you practical tips to help you feel in control as possible and above all make you laugh. Life is better when you’re laughing, and your smile will be too.

Leigh is a London based environmental photographer, specialising in personal branding shoots and corporate headshots. No stuffy studios, just professional, natural portraits for modern entrepreneurs.