From LinkedIn to your latest press release, your customers are looking for the people behind the brand. Let me help you put your best face forward.


Professional Portraits

Personal Branding

Team Shoots

"Day in the Life of" Sessions

And more...

NEVER dull, never generic and no stuffy studios in sight.

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Ever searched your name on Google Images? YOUR clients HAVE…

And in a world where image is more important than ever, blurry, mobile snaps no longer cut the mustard. Skip your picture altogether and people will wonder what you have to hide.

You spend hours and hours perfecting your logo, company name and website but what about you? Your customers want to get to know the person behind the brand.


Not wasting hours desperately scrabbling for your next Instagram post

Being proud of your profile pictures on Facebook and LinkedIn

Feeling confident showing yourself off on your “About Page”

Not worrying next time you get asked to send in a picture for a speaking opportunity

No more making do with stock photos

Personal branding photography can do all of this for you. It’s about so much more than just a headshot… It’s the picture of you working at a much-loved coffee shop, a sneak peek behind the scenes as you brainstorm your next killer move, a meeting with your favourite client, your yoga session. It’s about capturing totally unique pictures based on your brand and personality: a library of images that are all about YOU.