I Take You To Be My Lawful Wedded Headshot

Hands up those of you who have cropped your profile picture from a friend’s wedding photo. You are not alone.

Leigh Farmer Photography blog post.jpg

The temptation is undeniable. You’ve got almost every component covered…

Professional photographer ✓

Great hair / make up ✓

Smart outfit ✓

Beaming smile ✓

But this is a relationship built on rocky foundations. Deep down you know that people can see straight through your cunning ploy. The clothes aren’t quite professional enough, the colours not quite on brand and is that the bride’s shoulder creeping into the frame?

This a photo from your friend’s big day. Whereas your profile should be all about you. A carefully curated picture reflecting your personal brand.

A headshot taken purposefully and professionally makes a strong first impression. And that counts for everything… According to research conducted by Cornell, a photograph-based first impression will influence a person’s face-to-face interaction with you, up to a month later. This is definitely not the time to make-do.

So, take a look at your website or LinkedIn profile and ask yourself this…Is the picture you are using one to have and to hold from this day forward or is it time to invest in something new?

Leigh is a London based environmental photographer, specialising in personal branding shoots and corporate headshots. No stuffy studios, just professional, natural portraits for modern entrepreneurs.