Showing Off Your Best Side In A Photo: Why Left May Be Right

When it comes to showing your best side to the camera, you may have a clear view on which you prefer. But is it right? Or left for that matter? ...

A study by Wake Forest University, found that people generally find the left side of the human face more appealing than the right. 

Researchers showed participants photos of men and women in both their original and mirror form, asking them to rate what they saw. The result? Photos showing the left side were rated more “pleasant” than those showing the right.

Scientists believe that it’s because our left cheeks tend to exhibit a greater level of human emotion, which people find more visually appealing.

So, next time you think about your best side... just remember that left is right!


Leigh is a London based environmental photographer, specialising in personal branding shoots and corporate headshots. No stuffy studios, just modern, natural portraits for modern entrepreneurs.