4 Quick Posing Tips

Most people hate getting in front of the camera but with personal branding and professional pictures more important than ever, it's pretty unavoidable. 

Whether it’s how to turn your body or hold your head, these quick posing pointers will help to make sure you look your best…

1.     Bring your ears forward – when we are fully relaxed, we often let our head “flop” slightly. This can create a double chin on the skinniest of subjects. While bringing your chin forward will help, it’s very easy to tilt up too, giving the camera a lovely view of your nostrils. Instead, think about bringing your ears forward. The movement is a bit like a turtle but the result is very flattering!

2.     Make eye contact – don’t be afraid to look directly down the lens of the camera. The viewer will feel much more connected if they can see directly into your eyes (which are after all the window to your soul)

3.     Turn on the charm – Look at images of celebrities on the red carpet, the classic position? A ¾ turn. Having your body front-on to the camera can make it look unfairly wide. Rotate your body slightly and ta-da, an instantly slimmer profile.

4.     Get level with, or slightly below, the camera – a headshot taken from underneath can be extremely unkind. To stop the dreaded extra chins and disappearing neck, get the photographer to shoot from slightly above you. Too tall? Stand with your legs spread wide apart to lose some inches (it’s easier and more stable than squatting.)


Leigh is a London based environmental photographer, specialising in personal branding shoots and corporate headshots. No stuffy studios, just modern, natural portraits for modern entrepreneurs.