My nose looks big in this: 3 body hang ups in pictures …And how to fix them.

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NB. You are not as un-photogenic as you think you are. These tips will give a couple of useful pointers but nothing will look as great as a nice big smile.  

I look fat.

The rolls. The double chins. When a camera appears, like magic, so do they. The solution? Think about your posing and your clothing.

Anything further away from the camera will look smaller, so tilt your hips backwards, avoid slouching (imagine a string drawing you up from the top of your head and use your hands to draw attention to your waist). A double chin can easily be slimmed by pushing your head forward (think about moving your ears towards the camera).

When it comes to clothes, it can be tempting to go for something baggy but as the material merges together it can make you look wider than you are. Close fitting is good. Bright colours look amazing camera but if you are feeling a little insecure then black is a safe, slimming bet.

My nose looks big.

Those of we who are blessed with a plentiful schnoz may have an excellent sense of smell but when it comes to pictures, a large nose it can be a little too much of a scene stealer.

A quick fix? Take a step back. Have you ever noticed your nose in selfies? It looks unfairly large. A close up shot will amplify camera distortions. Aim for a 2 feet gap minimum.

My eyes look small/ squinty

As soon as the camera shutter goes, so it seems do your eyes. Next time, try keeping them shut until you know the picture is about be taken, then pop open them wide and avoid the dreaded blink.

Still looking a little meh? In the words of Tyra Banks (of America’s Next Top Model fame) “smize”. Think of happy thoughts, inside jokes and show the emotion with a great big eye-smile.

Now, go forth: stand tall, stand proud and “smize” like you’ve never “smize-d” before.

Leigh is a London based environmental photographer, specialising in personal branding shoots and corporate headshots. No stuffy studios, just professional, natural portraits for modern entrepreneurs.